Our Process

The Situation


of Singapore‘s GDP is contributed by small, medium businesses (NUS-ISS, 2020). This signifies the essential, irreplaceable positions and roles they hold in Singapore’s economy.


of family-owned, traditional small, medium business in Singapore lack a succession and retirement plan (PwC, 2021). This presents the perfect opportunity to acquire and continue developing them.


of traditional SMBs in Singapore report that developing digital capabilities is not a high priority (The Business Times, 2022). This highlights the opportunities for growth and reinforces the stability of cultures and structures in traditional SMBs.

Our Approach

We value the time, effort & finances business owners placed into building their businesses.

That is why we are not buying their businesses with the intention of flipping them within a few years.

We believe in an owner mentality, and we aim to develop our acquired companies for the long-term.

Emerald Lane aims to solve this problem by being the Preferred Acquirer.

Our Process

The Buyer-Seller’s Ideal Scenario

  • Fast

    A 30-60 Day Due Diligence Process

  • Flexible

    Simple deal structure with full or partial payouts

  • Culture

    Kept as pre-acquisition

  • Holding Period


Private Equity Firms

  • Longer duration process that can last 6+ months

  • Less flexible deal structures that leave you with less

  • High magnitude of change to company processes and possibility to flip for profits

Emerald Lane

  • Short duration process of about 30 – 60 days

  • Highly flexible deal structures of full, partial cash outs, or a mix of both

  • Preservation of company processes with no intention of flipping

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