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Blending Heritage with Digital Innovation

Emerald Lane is a long-term holding company looking to acquire traditional SMEs in Asia and bootstrapped digitally native companies Globally.

Our Process

The Buyer-Seller’s Ideal Scenario

  • Fast

    30-45 Day Due Diligence Scenario

    We have a short duration process of about 30 days

  • Flexible

    Simple deal structure

    Highly flexible deal structures of full, partial cash outs, or a mix of both

  • Culture

    Kept as pre-acquisition

    Preservation of heritage, culture and legacy in your valuable business

  • Holding Period


    Operates your business with a owner mentality, and looks to hold for the long-term with no intention of flipping

Why Choose Emerald Lane?


Most investors look to acquire businesses with an exit strategy in mind.

We don’t.

Here at Emerald Lane, we adopt an owner mentality for all businesses we acquire.


We value the time, effort and expertise placed in the growth of your business, and we wish to preserve that by adopting a long-term approach.


Whether you’re an owner planning for an exit, looking to work on a new venture, or if you’re considering retirement without a succession plan for your business, we recognise the value and commitment in building your business. We wish to preserve and develop it for the long-term.

Our ideal acquisition criteria

  • Small and Medium Businesses

    • Cash flow positive, profitable
    • Simple business model 
    • No sketchy bookkeeping
    • B2B or B2C 
    • Preference for niche or technical industries
  • Digitally Native Businesses

    Bootstrapped agencies, SaaS, marketplaces based globally

  • Cash Flow Range

    Annual cash flow of 300k USD – 2 mil USD

  • Location

    Traditional SMEs based in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan

We understand the route you took to make your business great.

We value its importance, culture and success, and we’re here to make it greater.

Whether you’re 100% convinced by our vision, or still undecided, feel free to leave us a message, and we’ll definitely get back to you.

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